5 Reasons Why Some Women Fear Intimacy
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5 Reasons Why Some Women Fear Intimacy

Intimacy requires the willingness to let someone else know who you are as well as the willingness to know one another and also to expose the real you. Your bond must be strong enough to encourage you to reveal yourself to your beau, without the fear of rejection or criticism. Many women feel intimacy that makes for all the trouble in a relationship. Know the reason why.

What is intimacy?

Intimacy requires the willingness to let someone else know who you are as well as the willingness to know one another. It also involves the capacity to feel you can be known says a psychologist.  This means then that your bond must be strong enough to encourage you to reveal yourself to your beau, without the fear of criticism.

It's just like taking off all your clothes before your man and not being too conscious of your overdue cellulite or that sagging flab in your tights or that extra-scar your hiding in your buttock. It's also like telling your honey, "Hon, i've got bad breath!" Without reservation, and expecting him say in return, "Don't you worry love, i've got it, too!"


Reasons Why Some Women Fear Intimacy

According to psychologist, some areas of intimacy are boring. It doesn't come a lot of thrills probably because each other's secrets have all been disclosed, shared and feasted upon, and there's nothing left to tickle your sense of excitement anymore. Many women feel a great let down when they don't have the high-voltage stuff. And then there's this awesome fear of this and that, that makes for all the troubles in a relationship, they're the so-called road blocks to intimacy. According to psychologist these are some of the reasons why some women fear intimacy:

  • "He might gain control over me"

Successful women also drag along this kind of fear of their love affair. If she's on top of the world, she gains dominance over anything almost everything, even her partner. She won't like to expose her weakness or the negative aspects of her personality. For them it's really threatening.

  • "I might become too dependent"

Women being the weaker sex, is known to spend her entire life depending. Most of the time, on a man for her daily sustenance, or for decision-making, or for almost anything under the sun. Gaining independence is one of the most if not the most difficult tasks for a woman. Intimacy for her is a threat to independence. After all, getting close requires a kind of balance, an equilibrium between partners says a psychologists.

  • "I'm afraid of losing my sense of self."

There is one aspect in a woman they want to keep forever hidden-the so-called secret self. A  lot of people don't want to share this self with others, even with their partners-in-life. This kind of people, who are actually described by psychologists as excessively independent, domineering and aggressive.  They think that if this "real" self was discovered by another person, it would be taken over, leaving nothing of them but an empty shell.

  • "I'm afraid he'll reject me later on."

Why do some women fear rejection? Because they are bother by feelings of shame. In other words they don't want to make a revelation because they are ashamed of getting rejected. There might be some neurotic aspect to your fear of rejection; neurotic internal conditions are the real barriers to intimacy says a psychologist.

  • "I'm afraid he'll abandon me someday."

Women have this common belief that all men are gigolos-men collect women, they get easily bored and hop from one partner to another. Of course any women who keep this notion will definitely fear getting close to her man. Her reason is "What for if he grows tired of me, he'll abandon me. There's no sense in getting so intimate with him."

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