Characteristics of a Gold-Digger
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Characteristics of a Gold-Digger

Gold-diggers are very cunning in milking their conquests and often very difficult to discern. Every wealthy man should be equipped with what it takes to knowing and fishing them out.

A gold-digger is a lady who associates with men for the sole purpose of acquiring monetary gains. Gold-diggers don’t fall in love with their conquests but make the man to feel loved in other to shower them with materialistic gestures. They could go as far as getting married to wealthy elderly men so as to inherit their wealth after death. Some go after popular celebrated men so as to cash in on divorce settlements. Marriage to a gold-digger is not only disheartening but is also psychologically damaging when you consider the publicity generated during divorce settlements. All men, especially the wealthy, should learn how to discern gold-digger’s right from the outset of a relationship. Here are some tips to get you on the path to knowing if the lady with you is a gold-digger or not.

Signs That She Is A Gold-Digger

There are usually some tell-tale signs to knowing if you are dealing with a gold digger.

• She is not concerned about your financial future

A gold-digger is not really concerned about your future. Though you may be in love with her and thus have clouded judgments, there are signs for you to know if she is concerned about your financial future since most of them live in the now. They get pissed off when you mention anything like financial challenges and the need to invest. They don’t see the need to invest the money when all they need is a large piece of the pie.


• She is extravagant

They are very extravagant and ostentatious in lifestyle. They engage in unnecessary spending spree because they know that the affair in not going to amount to anything fruitful for you. They are usually very demanding, but coy about it as well. Because most gold diggers have perfected the art of deception and seduction, it is always very difficult to deny them their requests.

• She flirts with other men

They flirt with other men, especially if you are an elderly person. Because most of them are always sexually depraved, they seek other avenues to quench their sexual lust.

• She falls too easily

One notable sign of a gold-digger is the ease with which they succumb to the advances of celebrated and wealthy men. They believe that they can trap any man, if they so choose, with their sexual exploits. They don’t come cheap with men that are not wealthy but practically throw themselves on well-to-do men.

• She avoids pregnancy

They avoid pregnancy at all cost. All of them work with this one philosophy; “Why should I tarnish my figure for one man when there are so many men to milk from?” To them, pregnancy is a liability except the few occasions where there is much to be gained from giving birth for the man. They always have one focus….money, money, money.

• She doesn’t fancy you spending on others

Gold-diggers get really mad when their man is spending on other people; whether family members or friends. They might hide the anger but device cunning ways of dissuading you from making expenses on others except themselves or when the spending on the other fellow will favor them in any form.

With all these signs, any man should be able to identify a gold-digger and kick her out of his life.

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Comments (18)

Very interesting!

Being as I have so little money it is not a problem I have to worry about.

Interesting info.Thanks for informing me of these traits.

Interesting information. I will have to say that I am not one of them. Excellent job on this article.

Hahaha...!Thanks Caryn. Thank God you are not one of them. They happen to be much around these days.

Thanks John for the comments. You may not be that loaded but a golddigger always have a way of taking that little cash.

thanks Donata.

Baxter, again I say thanks for the comment. glad to be of help with article

Great stuff! Breaks up the monotany and seriousness of so many other articles I have read recently. So glad not to know anyone like this.

Thanks Leslie, you are very much welcome. Am finding your series on couponing highly informative.

Interesting topic, buzzed this one up, thanks.

Haha, I love articles like these. But I think that someone being with someone just for the money, especially if they are 40 years older! Apologies to the older generation (nothing against the wise old), but I think the huge disparity beween ages are disturbing!.

Thanks Hina.

WoW! You tell it like it is! I don't understand why men can't identify a gold digger? My boss was well ta due and his girlfriend made me so sick with her selfishness it was obvios she was a gold digger. Anyways I didn't know who I wanted to smack first my boss or her. Those are defent signs of a gold digger! Vote Up

Thanks Tammy, the truth is gold-diggers are so cunning and apt in their games that it takes the really watchful ones to pick them out. After all, there is the saying that "love" is blind. Thanks for the contribution.

Excellent work.

I hope you haven't been taken by a gold digger. Your article serves as a warning to other men. Good topic.

I have been with one or two women who were in just for the money....but it never does last. hahahaha....just kidding. Thanks for dropping by Madam Marilyn.