Five Questions Men Don't Want to Hear
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Five Questions Men Don't Want to Hear

There are five extremely sensitive relationship topics that are better left untouched. Read on and find out.

When it comes to relationships, most women want to know everything that a man is thinking.  His secrets are often considered little enemies, capable of tearing the relationship apart.  So what's a well-intentioned woman going to do?  If the following five questions never leave your lips, it just might be music to man's ear says a great author.

Things men don't want to hear

1.  "Are you attracted to other women?" 

Some women keep asking their man whether or not he is attracted to other women.  A man who doesn't look at anyone or feel anything for other women is very old, if he says no, it's just a plain lying.  According to psychologist there is nothing wrong with a man who looks at, and admires other women, as long as he doesn't make a show of it in front of other people, and doesn't use it to make you jealous, competitive or insecure with those women.

He might feel embarrassed and exposed if you ask him to talk about it,  He will feel unable to do what he does naturally, without being censured.  Enjoy his love for you and leave this one alone says a psychologist.

2.  "What are you thinking?" (Usually asked in bed...)

Some women want to make sure that a man is thinking only of them in bed, but this is very complicated questions for a guy.  It is normal for your guy to occasionally fantasize about others during sex although he loves you, and may be very happy with you says a psychiatrist.  And it's not because he isn't there with you; this only means that he's making the experience more exciting for himself in many ways.

On the other hand, if he does wish to share this fantasies, this can be tricky, too.  Make sure you can tolerate hearing about what's going on in your man's mind, and remember don't assume he doesn't care about you.  It's perfectly acceptable to decide that you don't want to hear about these fantasies, just let him know about your wishes gently.        

3.  "What happen in your past relationships?"

Some women become obsessed with finding out everything about their man's past.  You might be especially concerned about what went wrong with your guy's previous relationships.  Remember he might have been a very different man now and he probably learned from his mistakes.

Try not to held his past against him because chances are he doesn't want to be reminded of them.  He doesn't want you to see his negative side.  Let him be the person he is now.  Let him feel good about how he is with you, and not dragged through the memories of what he did with other partners.  Just leave the past behind that is where it should stay says a guidance counselor.

4.  "Do you enjoy being with your friends more than being with me?"

Many women become possessive of their man's attention and resentful of time spent away from them.  The fact is, your man needs time for male bonding, no matter how much he cares for you.  Truly loving him means allowing him to be all of who he is, fulfilling all his needs and realizing that no matter how much he loves you, he also need others in his life.  So let the time he has with buddies belong to him says a renowned writer.

5.  "Where do you think our relationship is going?"

Many women want to know how their guy is feeling about the relationship in general, so they sit him down to get the details,  The problem is that this discussion makes many men restless and feel pressured.

Of course a man will have opinions of where the relationship is going, just like women do.  Some men fear that after being prompted to address a heavily weighted issue like this, they might be in for an intense uncomfortable discussion.  They could feel being judged and criticized, and if this happens too often, it can easily make them drift away.

Try to keep communication open in the relationship all the time instead of pining all of your expectations in a forced discussion.  The beautiful part of having a healthy relationship is that you are both secure enough in your feelings that you want to see each other happy no matter what the conversation is.

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               Shoshanna, Brenda DR. "Five Questions Men Don't Want to Hear."  Women's Journal 10 July 04

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Comments (3)

Hummm . . . I think this is a matter of the age of the man and woman having the conversation. And it isn't the question that bothers the man--most men will answer anything--it's the reaction his answers will provoke.

I couldn't agree more.

I respect your own opinion James and deep blue.