Guide for Men What Women Really Want
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Guide for Men What Women Really Want

understanding your woman

You see how she looks at him! I have always heard from men that women are to complicated.  They just don't get us.  Well Men this is for you! I am going to tell you exactly and truthfully what women really want from their men.  And in turn I guarantee you will get what you want and more if you apply these simple steps. First of all we need to agree that we are very different.

Women are:

  1. emotional
  2. talkers
  3. sometimes naggers
  4. loving and caring
  5. vicious and mean when they feel left out or put down
  6. caring
  7. sharing
  8. and you know you can't live without us.

Guess what, we don't want to live without you either, but we do want a few things from you.

Men are:

  1. taught to be tough
  2. Don't show emotions
  3. caring but not by showing might be considered being weak
  4. closed off
  5. not good listeners
  6. great help when they want to be

So when you compare the men and women you can see we have things that contradict our being together.  But that can be fixed.

  So here is the proposal for all you men.  If you want your woman to love you and give you loving all the time in all kinds of ways, then apply these few ideas and watch what happens.   A big difference also is that women will change and adapt to what her man wants and likes if she is happy.

What women want from you!

  • Simple gestures (let her catch you staring at her)
  • I love you daily...but not in passing, come from behind and kiss her neck and whisper I love you just because then walk away.
  • a simple I was thinking of you today...maybe pick a little flower and bring it home and tell her you thought of her today
  • We want you to listen and let's say she has a sore back..go out of your way and rub her back..but then the next day ask her "Honey how do you feel do you need me to do anything for you because I know you were hurting yesterday.
  • Women want physical touch not sexual that comes later.  Just push her hair off of her face, run you hand on her cheek. (not the pinch the booty or anything must be sensual.
  • Women want to hear that you appreciate what they do.  Example: you just finished dinner..."oh honey that was great" and then off you go to watch the game....NO .   get up from the table and help her clean up or really surprise her and say honey this dinner was so great, how about you go lie down or do what you want and I will do the dishes and clean up.  Now I know you are saying "what", but here is the thing she probably will say no but thank you because she knows you work hard,  Maybe she will take you up on the offer...but the whole time you are doing dishes she will be thinking of how wonderful you are.
  • Women want a man to want her in more than just one way.  Which we "know" you do, but most of the time the only time we see that you want us is.....  So my point, show her how much she means to you and how you want her in your life.  Tell her what she means to you!
  • Women want you to show her off and be proud of her!  Give a compliment in front of company or one of your buddies.

What Women Don't want:

  1. A man to buy her flowers because he did something wrong or mean...we want a real apology
  2. A man who comes home says a generic Hi and then asks "what's for dinner".  Come home give us a hug and kiss ask us about our day, compliment how good dinner smells and how much work she must have done.
  3. A man who always has to be asked or told to help out.  Your woman is doing the laundry, offer to carry the basket.  She is getting ready to vacuum or dust, jump in and help she will probably pass out.
  4. A man who always refers to sex or is always joking around.  That is fun sometimes, but a women needs the foreplay and that means the loving and word from her man. 

If you realize that we really are very simple and not complicated and just change how you say or do things....Your life is going to be fantastic.

A happy woman...means a happy household and a very very happy man.

If you apply the things above your woman is going to want you so much and you will know it.  The theory that women don't like to make love as much as men is totally false.  In fact it may surprise you that we are the same or more sexual than you.  You just never get to see that because we don't see what we want from you.

Now it is going to take a few days, because at first she is going to be suspicious..."what are you up to?" "What do you want", because lets face it in the past if you did something like the above steps you were up to something, you did something, or you wanted something.

But watch what happens when you continue this.  Surprises will come you way every day.  If she knows how much you love her and she see how much you love her and she feels how much you need here.

Hold on men...Your dreams are about to come true.  You will truly become the "king" of the house but you must treat her as the "queen"

We don't need fancy expensive gifts, we don't need to be taken out to dinner, we don't need you to take care of us! 

We need and want you to show us all of the above from your heart.

Actions speak louder than words....but sometimes soft spoken words scream volumns.

Because we are "programmed" to be caring and sharing and taking care of how much more will your woman do for you her man if she is happy.

Now just close your eyes for a moment and think of the last time you really got what you wanted from her?

I bet you did something special or said something and here she came running to you.

Step out of character, remember she is your spouse, she has seen you naked physically, let her see you naked emotionally.  I know men are raised to not do these things, but then again you were raised by men who didn't know their women either.

Take it from me and trust me on this.

I raised 3 boys with my sister and they have great relationships and get the love they want and are happy, because we raised them by telling them What Women Really Want!

Think of her first and you will always be first in her mind and more.

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good counterbalance

Excellent Detailed guide, thanks Lori TY

Awesome! Great insights...

Very interesting... I liked it!


Wow! What a nice guide!

Thx alo! I will use this! :)

Greetings from Hungary