How to Get out of the Doghouse With or Without Chocolate and Flowers
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How to Get out of the Doghouse With or Without Chocolate and Flowers

Sometimes, we alienate the women we love, but it isn't difficult to win her heart again if you are persistent and you want the connection back.

We have all done something terrible that has alienated the woman we love. We might have gotten angry with her, called her a bad name, forgotten to do something for her birthday or the anniversary, gotten in a big fight, or done another thing to alienate her and make her feel less than valuable. For things like this, an apology and some flowers simply will not cut it. To get the forgiveness that you need and get back to being close with her, you must do something out of the ordinary; you should do something that will let her know that you want to make amends for what you have done. Whatever you do, it must not be a simple task, and it must take a great deal of time and effort. Money alone does not do the job, although its inclusion in your apology project cannot hurt! What follows are some simple tips and guidelines for encouraging her to move you back out of the doghouse into your home where you belong.

Shock Value is a Plus

Whatever you did to make her put you out of her heart in the first place probably shocked her, so you should try a reverse shock to start the road to recovery. For example, I had one of these doghouse times a couple years ago, and I decided that I would ride my bicycle all the way from my house to the friend's house where she was staying. After bicycling about three hours on an old mountain bike, I pulled into her friend's driveway and rang the doorbell while pouring sweat. The look of shock and surprise on her face made me realize that I had struck gold. Athletic exploits of this fashion are sure to please, and they are quite effective if they are something that you don't normally do. It doesn't hurt if there's a potential risk of bodily harm to you either, but don't get carried away with this idea!

Make Her Know You Want Her Back

Sometimes, when the two of you have a disagreement, it's easy to feel detached from it and just want to forget about it. This is typically the worst possible response, because women prefer to deal with problems as soon as possible, and an argument typically only gets worse if it is ignored. Also, if your love gets the idea that you don't care about what's going on, then you will push her even further away and make it harder on yourself in the long run. Women love to be pursued, and if you are in a situation where she knows and you know that you messed up, then you will get some serious points toward recovery if you run after her and make her feel wanted.

Give it Time

In the end, time is the only thing that will bring forgiveness and solve disagreements. But time is not a magic thing; the quality of the time spent after the initial problem between the two of you is very important! If you don't treat her respectfully after you have messed up, or you go "back to normal" and are abrasive to her, you will once again push her away. The worst possible thing you can do is to repeat the offense that got you in the doghouse in the first place. Healing can only be accomplished if you place your effort and emotional energy into making things right, and this takes consistent kindness. Everyone knows how to get forgiveness, but the effort you make is unique, and only you will know how to find your way back into a woman's heart again.

Initially, chocolate and flowers are not the ideal apology method, but if things have begun to improve, then they are probably now very effective (unless of course she doesn't like them!). Using a few simple ideas to melt your lady's heart doesn't have to wait until you screw up, either! You can employ romantic tactics proactively to make an extra-special birthday or anniversary, or even turn a normal day into a happy one. Each relationship is different and some ideas work better at times than others, but the simple effort you put out should make a difference in her eyes if she knows what your heart is trying to communicate. Whatever your situation is, I hope that you are successful!

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Comments (5)

You have some good points. :) Women are emotionally driven, whereas guys tend to be more practically driven. It's just the way it is.... Women need you to appeal to their emotional sides when there's a problem... otherwise, you're cooked!

You are a very wise man. Most guys don't get that after you mess up you really need to invest time and effort in to proving you are sorry.

great article. Though I really don't need my man to risk bodily harm and often times a heartfelt apology would be more appreciated than anything else.

A heartfelt apology usually does a lot for me. Remember, women can tell if your being truthful and really mean it.

Mickey Neil

This is good to know, a cheaper alternative to choclates and flowers :)