How to Marry Without Love
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How to Marry Without Love

Is marriage all about romantic dinners, whispering in the dark and missing each other? Even a loveless marriage could work.

Some people might argue that a loveless marriage cannot prosper but it can and I have proofs that this does happen in real life depending on the situation the couples are in. Marriage is not all about being in loved but it is more about commitment and responsibilities so those who think that marriage is always about love may not agree with this article.

Although most people believe that marriage cannot go on without love, there are instances when marriage can work even without couples being in loved with each other. The relationship of couples does not always rely on love alone but there are other factors that are more important than love that couples could rely on in order to make their loveless marriage work. While marriage needs the love of couples in order for it to prosper; this is not always the case. At my age and with the number of couples I have socialized with, I have learned that marriage is not always about being in loved but marriage is about life and how you understand the different aspects of it.

Yes, marriage without love can continue and even prosper. I have known couples who have married only for the sake of marrying but are living together in harmony up to now. Being in love doesn't suffice for a harmonious marriage. Many people marry not for love but for other things other than love and their marriage is sometimes more successful than those who were very much in loved when they tied the knot.

Here's how to marry and make a loveless marriage work.


Respect is a very important factor in marriage. If couples respect each other, the marriage could continue and prosper. The success of a relationship sprouts with respect binding it. Marriage full of respect between couples will be nurtured and prosper even in the absence of love.


Freedom is what every person wants in life. There is freedom in a marriage when both partners try to give their partner a space to move. Freedom makes the couples freely do what they want. Would you believe one of my friends who married a man whom her parents chose for her said that she is very happy that she married her parent’s choice because she is very free to do what she wants? Her husband does not restrict her from her gimmicks with friends and family; on the other hand, she does not mind if her husband goes out with his friends. She considers herself luckier than her friends who have married the man they thought were “Mr. Perfect” and of course the man they fall head over heels in love with. Most of her friends have either unfaithful partner or jealous ones.


Each one of us has our responsibility to our partner. A husband and a wife must abide by the rule in marriage that marriage is sacred and couples must take care of each other. Responsible couples could do without love because they are taking care of each other and doing their obligations to each other.


Cooperation is one of the factors that make a marriage work. Even if couples are not in love with each other if there is cooperation, the marriage can continue. The point here is that couples will keep helping each other because they want to cooperate in making the relationship work.

A loveless marriage may not be a romantic relationship but it could go a long way if both partners have other ways to make the marriage work.

My friend says she wasn't in love with the man she married but for more than thirty years, their marriage has been solid. They don't argue that much because they are concentrated on working and providing for the needs of the family. They don't mind each other’s business because they don't love each other. There is no jealousy, unfaithfulness and other cheating activities. They just want to make the relationship work and have a stable family with the children they have.

I asked my friend how it feels being married to a man whom she doesn't love and her answer was very simple, "We make it a point that what we were married for was not to enjoy each other’s company but to make a living and have a family."

I was amazed how this couple could make their marriage work without love but their reasons seem to be valid and basing from my friend's situation, I see the point there. Marriage is not all about loving and enjoying things together but it is what life is all about. To others marriage is not a marriage without love and to others marriage is just a responsibility for the family.

It should have been love or the other way around but both work depending on the couple’s way of handling things.

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Comments (3)

Interesting ideas on marriage. Actually, a loveless marriage doesn't always mean a disastrous marriage. There's always the option of friendship and mutual respect.

You are so right christine. I have seen a lot of loveless marriage grow and prosper.

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