How to Summon Your Twin Flame, Soulmate or Just the Ideal Mate
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How to Summon Your Twin Flame, Soulmate or Just the Ideal Mate

A step by step guide in summoning a lover. be it an object of desire or a soulmate/twin flame.

It seems as though millions of singles, and even those who are attached, are constantly in search for Mr./Mrs. Right. This is something we are naturally prone to do until we find that one and only person who truly makes our hearts sing. This is something I've found myself doing on several occasions, and I must share the interesting results I have discovered.

Not only can you ask the universe to bring you your twin flame, soulmate or ideal mate; if you ask properly, the universe will bring this person to you and practically drop him/her in your lap. This is something which may not happen overnight, but is definitely something that has worked for me nearly every time I have tried it.

Whenever I am feeling lost and alone in the world; feeling as though the perfect mate just might make things better, I get down on my knees and I beg the universe, God, sacred feminine and all of the powers that be and make up love and light to bring such a mate to me. This is something which has worked literally every time since I've reached the age of 25 or so, and continues to work for me to this day.

I am unsure why it didn't always work when I was a teenager or in my early twenties. Perhaps I was too young and immature to know what I truly wanted, or maybe what I wanted was based upon superficiality. Perhaps it just wasn't in my destiny; maybe I simply wasn't tapped in fully or asking properly. Whatever the case may be, after the age of 25 I have always been granted with the specific person, or type of person I ask for; even when I ask for a long list of specifics. This is how I know that it works.

The first step in summoning your ideal mate is to have a true heart and intention about this person. If you truly love them, or love the idea of them this is a good place to start. I wouldn't play around with this if you simply are lusting after a person, as you just might get what you wish for, and could potentially end up hurting someone.

This is a problem, as when you ask for a person, karma will always find you. If you have karma coming your way which needs to be worked out, you just may get the person or type of person you asked for, but they are going to do every little nasty thing to you that you've ever done to a lover in the past. This isn't something anyone should simply play around with.

Once you have your heart and mind set on a person or ideal type of person, you must then go deeply within and connect to the higher power. Whatever works for you in your own spiritual life is fine. If you are more of a mediator, then meditate on this intention until you feel that you have reached a point of love, light and joy concerning the subject. Then, continue focusing on this every day with joy and faith until you have this person in your life. If you pray, and are deeply connected to spirit it may only take one powerful prayer to manifest what you are asking for. 

If you are spiritual, but not strongly connected to spirit, I would suggest praying every day for this person and thanking the higher power for this person as well with joy and faith. I must warn you however, that if you are currently connected to someone and feeling discontent enough to be reading this and summoning someone new, you may want to break of the current relationship you are involved in. Summoning a new person into your life when you are already connected will only bring about pain, negative energy and karma, and the new relationship will have more struggles than need be.


Once you are free and focused, ask the universe for what you want. You may want to visualize this person if it is a specific person, or simply ask for a list of traits you desire out of a mate. Some people are searching for a soulmate or twin flame and may summon them. This is something which is a little more involved and will be covered in a moment. I will, however, warn that summoning a soulmate or twin flame is even more of an intense situation which could potentially bring forth a manifestation of a karmic connection.

Before anyone is to be joined with their twin flame, or ultimate soulmate, their karma must be worked out from their past and this may even include past lives. Summoning a twin flame our soulmate could in fact summon a karmic connection whose sole purpose is to elicit karma into your life. This happens when a person has a history of bad behavior in relationships, and rather than work through this karma with your twin, a karmic connection may come to you first. Sometimes a person will work out their karma with their twin flame depending on how good or bad the karma may be.

If you are looking to summon your twin flame or soulmate, it is best to enter into deep meditation with the intention of your twin flame on your mind. There are several guided meditations which can be found on YouTube which are extremely helpful. My favorites allow you to visualize your twin and speak to your twin summoning them to come into your life.

Sometimes you will hear a message back from your twin. It is often said that twin flames connect in the mind before they actually meet. I was given a visualization of my twin before we actually met. Even after we met, we experienced a bit of a push and pull in our relationship and I became frustrated and unsure of how things were going to turn out. I decided to go into deep meditation, summoning my twin and speaking to him telepathically. The message he sent to me was "don't give up". This gave me hope and I pressed on and we made it through the uncertainty and the rollercoaster, or push and pull stage of our relationship.

The purpose of twin flames reuniting has a lot to do with what is happening in the world and universe at this moment in time, and what will be happening in 2012. There is said to be a major shift of energies in the earth, and love and light is going to assist in this shift.

The Mayan calendar ends in 2012, and it is said to be the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new era, the age of the Aquarians: the golden age. This is said to be an age where humans are enlightened beyond anything they've been in the past and will form a peaceful society based upon love where money is a thing of the past.

The uniting of twin flames is also said to occur in a soul's last life on earth. The twins used to be one soul when they were created, but were separated into two complete souls embodying the masculine and feminine, so as to gain more human experience. Twins are supposed to have experienced every possible human experience, and are said to reconnect in their last life so as to ascend together into the ultimate source of love and light. Christians call this heaven. The love between twin flames is said to be unconditional and soul-based. This means that ego centered norms of conventional relationships will not work within the twin flame union.

Summoning a twin flame is a very serious matter. For not everyone is supposed to be with their twin flame at this moment in time. Twins do meet from time to time throughout their different incarnations, but it isn't until they are fully developed, evolved and educated souls that they will reunite again. Some flames will progress at different rates and one half of the pair may be ready while the other is not. This could create a lot of tension and pain in the relationship. Sometimes, people meet their twin and they are already married or their twin is.

When this happens it is best to honor the already established relationship as karma could muddy the waters of the twin flame reunion. Some twins find that one of them has already ascended into love and light so summoning a twin could result in a highly erotic encounter with a light being which is very supernatural. The best thing to do in these situations is to ask the universe to manifest your twin flame in the person you are already with. This is something that does happen, and can turn around any negative relationship or marriage a person may be in.

Whether you are young or old, single or attached, looking for a soulmate or a playmate, this system truly works. The key factors are simply focusing on your intention, connecting to spirit in some form, thanking the universe for your wish, staying persistent and not playing around. It will work for you if you follow these instructions and if you try it for a month and still feel as though you are not tapping in fully, message me and I can send a little prayer for you and assist in your love union. Best of luck and may you all come closer to accepting and walking daily in the wonderful love and light which encompasses us all. Namaste.

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Comments (2)

Hi Jayna, Ive been following all the steps for a little more than a month but still nothings happening, could you please send me a prayer for uniting with my twin?

Oops. I did write down qualities after I read The Secret in November 2012. However, the person I feel is my Twin Flame who I met in 2013 is married and so am I. I wished I read this first!!