Know Some Myths About Love: Are You Ready For Love?
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Know Some Myths About Love: Are You Ready For Love?

You may feel ready to fall in love. However being truly prepared for loved to sustain a good relationship involves more objective self-examination than just letting your heart proclaim, "I am ready!" Know if you are ready for love by reading more...

Are you ready for love?

You may feel ready to fall in love.  However being truly prepared for loved to sustain a good relationship involves more objective self-examination than just letting your heart proclaim, "I am ready!"

Test your readiness for love by asking yourself honestly whether you have these qualities.  If you don't, you may be hanging on to some myths about love that lead to trouble in your relationships.

Are you ready for love?


You are ready for love if:

  • You are optimistic.  Relationships challenges you to look for the silver lining, to find the possibilities in every struggle.  If you always look at the gloomy side of things, you will be unable to cope with even the normal relationship hassles.
  • Willing to forgive.   Since we all make mistakes, forgiveness is the central component of a successful relationship. The ability to forgive is a sign of strength and forgiveness opens the door to positive change says a guidance counselor.
  • Will accept.  Accept your partner as they are.  Sometimes people fall in love with an idealized image of their partners, and then resent them for not living up to that image.
  • Uncertainty future.  You let go of impediments that comes your way.  When you first meet someone, you may decide that you are compatible because your needs are closely matched.  According to psychologist, it is important to realize that the closeness you feel now doesn't necessarily will continue without exerting some efforts on both of you.  The most important task is to grow together through communication, and support by each other.
  • You are patient.   A successful relationships does not happen overnight.  It takes time to develop the bond of intimacy that which makes a relationship strong and enduring added a psychologist.  The term "Love at first sight" often means "Passion at first sight."  The urgency of passion is not a sufficient foundation for a relationship to last.
  • Selfless love.  It means you love selflessly and you strive to achieve a balance in your relationship.  You respect your partner and consider his needs to be as important as yours.  And you possess compassion- the ability to recognize and respond during those times when he may need more attention than you do.  There is no secret to being ready for love, but embracing these qualities is a good indication and that you  are ready for love.

Common myths about love

Don't believe everything you read about love including fairy tales.  A lot of myths about love are unrealistic and will cause your headache if you believe them.  Here's what they say about love:

  • Only for sex.  Men want sex more often than women. Studies indicate that woman wants sex just as often as men do.
  • If he isn't jealous.  It's not a real love.  People who are self-confident and secure in their partner's love doesn't feel jealous.
  • Some people are unlucky in love.  There is no such thing as being born under an unlucky star.  Someone who chooses the same kind of person over and over again, does so because of childhood experience.  Until they recognize their choices are wrong. They'll keep doing it and blaming outside factors.
  • Have a baby.  A baby will improve your marriage.  Having a baby puts a bigger strain on marriage than any other factor.  If people aren't getting alone, the worst think they can do   Have a baby.
  • All men want is sex.  While there are a few men like that, most want real intimacy.
  • Romance should last forever.  Once the couple settles into real life, the romance lessens or goes away.


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