Love Fallacy That Wreck Relationships
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Love Fallacy That Wreck Relationships

Many people get broken-heart because they expect the unrealistic. They live in a fantasy world, expecting to live happily ever after. What people should realize that they are expecting too much from a relationship. Know some of the most common love fallacy that often wreck relationship shared by a book author by reading more...

Many people get broken-heart because they expect the unrealistic.   They live in a fantasy world, expecting to live happily ever after.  What people should realize that they are expecting too much from a relationship.  These are some of the most common love fallacy that often wreck relationship says a book author.

Love Fallacy:

  • People in love only have eyes for each other Your ability to appreciate other people does not stop, even if you're madly deeply devastating in love with your partner.  Your mind will still conceive beauty in other people, even you consider your partner as the most beautiful.
  • Miss each other.  People who miss one another the moment they're apart are not necessarily in love.  They are obsessed says a psychologist.  You may get bored with each other, if you're always together and the physical appeal and sexual magic may fade.  Try to go out of town with your friends while it may be hard at first, you'll realize that you'll only longed to be with your partner more intensify after you've been away from each other for some time.
  • Hot for each other. People in love are always hot for each other. There are times when you don't get sexually turned on by your partner, no matter how much you love each other.  You are just not in the mood!  Sometimes, just being with your partners, no embracing, no touching, or no kissing is enough.
  • People will change.  People in love will change for each other.  Only to certain degree you can change him/her says a psychologist.  You can't and shouldn't expect to overhaul your partner just because he claims to be deeply in love with you.  What you can do is to influence each other.  What you can do is to go over your standard.  You may be aiming for mars when you can only reach for the moon!
  • Being honest.  People in love are honest about everything.  Don't  tell him the things that you know will only haunt and torment him all his life.  Know your partner's tolerance level.  If he's touchy about his financial ability then admitting that your mother gave you money to buy a new pair of shoes may blow his ego. To play safe , instead of lying just omit some facts.


According to a book author there are reasons why men leave their ladies:

  • Thrill is gone.  When  he starts feeling you're not the mysterious, glamorous creature you were when you started dating, he starts getting the itch to get out.
  • You have change.  If you stopped taking care of your appearance once you've got him hooked, he'll use that as a reason to bail out.
  • Change him.  You tried to changed him.  It's dangerous enough to try to remake the "bad boy" with the mistaken assumption that they can make him into the man of their dreams.  He'll change his surroundings in you effort to get back that free spirit he once was, starting with you.
  • Can't breath.  He can't breath if your relationship is marked by too much jealousy, he will dump you.  Sure, he loves attention, but if your adoration starts to smother him, he'll bolt.
  • You are not the one.  You're not his ideal.  He went into your relationship with an unrealistic idea of who you were and what kind of couple the two of you could be.  Now that he realized you're not the one, he's going to look for someone new.

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Comments (3)

Nice article! I think you did a pretty good job in exploring all the bad and good.

I love the quotes, Jessie. I have to admit that partners do change. They become demanding too and sometimes we became very helpless on how to please them. Thank you.

Thanks for the comments Mina, Phoenix!