Signs That He Is Not Attracted to You
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Signs That He Is Not Attracted to You

A woman sometimes misinterprets a guy's action in the hope that he feels the same attraction for her. To be certain of what he feels, you need to learn how to read signs by observing his actions, gestures and the way he treats you compared to other women. If it all implies disinterest on you, time to move on.

Of course it is so flattering to know that the guy you admire has a mutual feeling for you. But how can you be certain that you read him right and not just misinterpreted his actions? As a girl or a woman, you rightly deserve to find out what he really thinks of you. Here are some of the things to watch out for that tells he is not at all attracted to you:

  • When you are with him, analyze the flow and topics of your conversation. If he talks often about other women, how he admires their look or if he frankly tells you that he got a crush on someone, then it is a clear manifestation that he isn’t interested in you. Also, if he never gave you any compliment and same attentions that he is giving to other women.
  • Observe his eye contact when you are talking with him. If he looks somewhere else while you are conversing, it means that he is not hundred percent attentive to your presence and to what you are saying. He may be with you but he is mentally absent because he is thinking or waiting for someone else to pass by or his attention is lock up to the other women across the street. It maybe hurtful but the truth is, he is disinterested in you.
  • Notice how he interacts and response to your actions. If you want to be near him, he ignores you and maintain a distance; if you call him, he never answers or never calls back; if you are starting to physically or verbally flirt with him, he walks out; if you invite him out, he turned you down; All these are signs that you are not his type.
  • A guy is not attracted to you if he never runs out of ways and excuses just to stay away from you.
  • He is not attracted to you if he never gives you the opportunity to be with him one on one. He always brings his friends along because he enjoys their presence more. If a guy feels something for you, he surely would find a way that you both can spend some time in private to get to know each other better.
  • You can tell that a guy has no attraction to you if he never asks you for a date and never gives you compliments.

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Comments (2)

Quite similar signs for both men and women. Well done

I'm glad I'm not dating and don't have to worry about this.