Signs That Tell a Woman That Her Man Really Loves Her
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Signs That Tell a Woman That Her Man Really Loves Her

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He loves me …..He loves me not? It is very difficult for every woman to find out that her man really loves her or not. Finding the reality is very difficult but stop distressing and being upset about this issue. Relax and take it easy as here is a list of various signs that can really help you answer your dilemma “ He loves me … he loves me not ? "

Watching you and only you!

When a man really loves a woman he pays full attention to her and concentrates only on her. You will find that even in a group of many beautiful females his eyes will be only on her woman, he does not care about the other beauty candies around at all. His eyes are only looking for you. When you go shopping you will never find him staring and gazing at other woman, but he will be paying full attention to you in what you say, what you want. Next time when you go out keep your eyes open and watch out.

I love you!

You can be sure if your man really loves you if he comes and tells you often or at least once a week that he really loves you. Men in general find it extremely difficult in saying I love you, but if you hear him saying I love you now and then, rest assured that your man really loves you a lot. And there are also men who find it very hard to say I love you but they will get presents, chocolates or flowers to surprise you which are just another beautiful ways to say I love you.

Loving Deeds!

If your kisses and hugs are not restricted to bed time alone but happen anytime of the day it is a very positive sign that a man loves you. If you get a kiss every time he leaves the house and every time when he returns you should count yourself a lucky woman. If your man tries to find ways and excuses to get close to you, touches you while talking and looks deep into your eyes while you talk you should feel confident and secure that your man really loves you.

I Miss you!

When your man is out of town for business trip or with friends does he remain constantly in touch with you? Do you have lengthy deep conversations over the phone? Do you receive emails and SMS several times a day? Do you hear I miss you? If you answered yes to these questions than be happy my dear friend because your man really and truly loves you.

Caring Gestures !

A man who truly loves her woman always cares for her. He never allows his woman to carry any heavy bags or objects. He tries to help her in day to day household jobs. He goes an extra mile lovingly to do anything for you. Most of all he does not like you taking public transport, but will try his level best to pick you up or drop you whenever he can. He will take you out for dinner dates now and then, and would try to spend quality time just with you.

By now I am sure you are familiar with the most common love signs to find out if your man really loves you. Hope that these signs will help you to solve your mystery of love.

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Comments (19)

This is a great post. I love those loving deeds :) I buzzed it up! :)

True but as a man I'll add one more-He takes the effort and time to interpret your state of mind. RE: You ask him to not leave the toilet seat up-he always does anyway-you think, "If he loved me he would listen." He is most likely not even thinking at all about it. Ex, he is tired etc.-So he loves you enough to realize this (even a trivial thing) is a way he can show how much he cares and usually does put the seat down. :)

Very true! I have noticed all these qualities in my man. I voted you up!

Interesting article. Thanks!

Wow! I am glad my boyfriend does all the above and so much more.

My guy does everything but speak the words frequently. He does say I love you, but shows it more often than says it.

Great article

Nice article! :-)

great love between man and woman.

Great. Now I have to start allover again!


Excellent Points! To know whether your Husband or Boyfriend loves you i think one should listen to your gut feeling or heart.

I really enjoyed this... Signs That Tell a Woman That Her Man Really Loves Her

very nice article indeed, and very positive and reassuring for women too. thanks for sharing

And..... where do you find guys like that?

I think ,i am a lucky woman in my life to have a man like this.

Miranda Casto

well.. some of these are true to me.. im only 14 and i love my bf, but the past 2-3 months he really hasnt been payin much attention to me rlly.. he doesnt rlly call, when he does he does tell me he loves me.. but idk if he does or not.. and i hate it when he goes places without me cause hes a cute boy and im afraid girls w flirt w him, and he has a look to him that makes him look like hes flirtin back, even when hes not.. im just scared because here in september it will be 1 year for us.. some of my family accuse him of cheating sometimes.. idk wut to do help me!

@ Miranda You are too young to worry about these issues In any case there is no one way to know if a boy or man or anyone is faithful to the feelings you have together. First judge others on how they treat people in general. How do they treat friends , family etc. Hop this helps


Interesting article. Looking forward to reading more articles from you.