Things Guys Should Know
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Things Guys Should Know

Things guys should know.

Men may not always like to call it romance, but they feel the same yearning to connect that women, to give and receive physical expressions of love.  He wants to continue the rituals of courtship long after their commitments have been cemented. (Mendez 2006)

For men only

In short, men want to romance their women.  But then what are the things a woman wants in a man.  What are the things a man should know? 

Women love a man with a vast reservoir of knowledge of course!  Make yourself irresistible as George Clooney by following the helpful tips from a relationship expert:

  • At clothing.  Keep wrinkle free clothes.  Are your clothes starting to look more wrinkled than a dried prune?  Always hang a piece of clothing as soon as you take it off.  Avoid pulling your pants when sitting down.  If all else fails, throw your clothes in the dryer a second time and they will come out looking good as new.
  • Controlling your emotions.  Control your emotions at work.  Take a walk to cool down.  Talk to someone who can calm you down and go to the gym to work off your anger.  Control your emotions before they control you.
  • Best first date locations.  Choose a first-date location.  First date can be stressful, so why add to the pressure by choosing a lousy location?  Invite her to your place for a gourmet meal. Or simply enchant her with a picnic along the water. One thing, whatever you do, make sure your wife is not going to be there at the same time.
  • Fake friends.  Get rid of fake friends.  Everyone has a friend they secretly can't stand.  They show up when they are not wanted.  They stick around long after all your guests have gone home.  They borrow your girlfriend without ever returning her.  You can gradually eliminate this fake friends from your life.  Cut back by decreasing your availability.  Quit doing them favors, don't invite them along to parties and outing .  Surely they will disappear.
  • Read body language.  Read girl's body language.  Unlike appliances and cars women don't come with owner's manual.  You have to look closely for a number of subtle signs if you want to understand women.  According to a relationship expert, a woman who is lustful will sit with her chest and hips out and will prolonged eye contact.  A woman who is feeling flirtatious will laugh more often than usual and play with her hair.  A disinterested woman will keep looking away, don't smile and will keep her arms folded across her chest.  And a very disinterested woman will reach her gun and will point it to you.  So beware, they are all subtle signs but body language can be detected!
  • Good in bed.  Spot a woman who will be good in bed.  Sometimes you can just tell if a woman is going to be spectacular in the sack.  You know she has the potential to be sensual if she's a good kisser.  If she is a good dancer, you know she is comfortable with her body.  And if she can skin a lion with her hands tied behind her back, you know she's the woman for you.
  • Don't get caught.   You're having a romantic dinner with your date when all of a sudden, you notice your girlfriend out of the corner of your eyes.  She rapidly headed toward your table.  She looks like she's ready to circumcise you with her teeth.  So what do you do ?  If you value your manhood, you calm the mood by introducing the two woman.  Then, you immediately choose between the two women on the spot.  If this were a porno flick, all end up in a threesome in the kitchen.  Since this is your life you should be prepared for the possibility that both women will leave you eating their dust.


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            Mendez, Ramon Luis, "What Men Truly Find Romantic."  Women's Journal 29 July 06

            Murphy, Ryan, "22 Things Every Man Should Know How to Do."  Women's Journal 4 Mar 06

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Good pointers and once again, i like your choice of quotations. I hope you don't mind if I borrow some?

very interesting article..Thanks Jessie

Thanks for dropping by...

Indeed you are correct. Follows those tips for less heartbreak!