Various Ways to Court A Girl
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Various Ways to Court A Girl

When courting a girl, you donÂ’t have to be that good looking and rich. Only, you need to have brilliant ideas on how to use different tactics to get her to like you and to even make her love you in return.

There are still many men who consider courting a girl a problem. Even starting a conversation with a girl and asking her out seems to be hard when in fact, it should just come naturally. Here are some tips on how to do it:

• Act as a cool guy. Even if you just met the girl, you can already start an interesting conversation and make her feel comfortable in your presence as if you have known each other for a long time. But remember that when you do so, you need to have a self control. Self control in a sense that it is a highly admirable trait of a man to control himself emotionally. During the conversation, try not to react to everything that she tells you. Likewise, act naturally when you are surrounded with gorgeous and highly attractive women. Act as if you are used to their presence. Let her see you as a man with so many past experiences with women. Let her conclude that you are an expert when it comes to women. This is surely an attractive characteristic that women admire in a man.

• Don’t act desperately. Don’t show her that you are that desperate to get her as if she is the last girl in this planet. Let her read you as someone who has the ability to go and walk away any time you want.

• Tease her in a little cocky way but add some humor in it so you won’t appear conceited. Combination of these two in a dating community is highly effective.

• Show a little attractiveness. This concept may seem a little abstract but here is how to do it. Start a conversation with a pretty sexy blond girl and be certain that the girl you truly like and target notices you. Show that you are genuinely and naturally enjoying the fun conversation you have with this blond girl. Express your confidence while talking and for sure your target girl will notice you. It will be a plus point if later you will decide to approach your target girl because she already sees you as an attractive person.

When courting a girl, you don’t have to be that good looking and rich. Only, you need to have brilliant ideas on how to use different tactics to get her to like you and to even make her love you in return.

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Hmm, interesting. U sure about the last part? Make sure she does not see you as a player. lol

I agree with Kamika, some women don't like