Why Men Prefer Conservative Women
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Why Men Prefer Conservative Women

In this time and age what do men look for in a woman? Is it beauty? Intelligence, character, or sexy body? Do they still seek for a liberated type or a conservative woman? Men nowadays want women who still have some conservative values in them. Those women who are modern in some aspects but possesses a little conservativeness.

What are the qualities and traits that men look for in his future partner to obtain a good and lasting relationship? We can ask our parents most especially our fathers what is a marriage-material for them or an ideal woman? What is inside their minds when searching for that future wife-to-be. Is it the physical attributes, the intelligence, the character? Do they want a liberated woman or the conservative type?

Majority of men still seeks women who are a little conservative even in this generation. Why? Here are by far some of the most common reasons.

Men do not approve of infidelity. Men are born polygamous yes, but when women fool around it is a grave matter. Conservative women are loyal women. They wanted a solid family too like men. Men are aware that when women fool around it may cause a break-up or worse may lead to separation. In addition, this may wreck the marriage and surely this will have some devastating and harmful effect on the children.

Women of today are considered equal to men in some aspects. When it comes to career men allows the wife to work and have a career. Men are not scared of competition. They just want their wives to have a life and a career while taking care of the household and the children at the same time. If crisis arises due to financial reasons they can support each other on how to handle the problem without competing on each other’s earnings. Besides, men expect their partners to be financially responsible

Most men are aloof to women who smoke. Men want women who can tend to their home and kids which is not a good role model for smoking women. There’s a tendency that children will follow. Any boyfriend or husband for that matter would not agree watching his girlfriend or wife chain smoke. Why? For a thousand and one reasons: cigarette odor which results in bad breath, health hazard, possibilities of lung cancer, facial wrinkles, waste of money, and so on.

Some men like their girlfriends or wives drink liquor. But they are easily turned off watching them get drunk. Women who get drunk easily may be cool for young men however it is disgustful for some older men who dream of having a home, a successful marriage, children and the future.

A woman’s role in the society then and now has always been at home, as a homemaker. Even if there are a lot of liberated women, men are still searching for a woman who is conservative by nature but can readily adapt to changes in this modern world without sacrificing her conservative values.

Finally, women must try to be just by themselves. The conservativeness in you will come out naturally and this is favorable for you. Before you know it, men will notice you in a short span of time.

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Comments (2)

Good article – if this were the 18th century.

Thank you Earlynne for your thoughts. I am in favor of women staying home when children are being raised and I am not at all in favor of day care for young children. So in that respect I am very conservative. But, neither am I in favor of both parents working if the woman is expected to both work outside the home AND take care of the children and house. I don't know too many American men who would get away with this kind of expectation and I don't think I know any women who would tolerate it either.