Will You Forgive Your Partner Who Has Affair/s
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Will You Forgive Your Partner Who Has Affair/s

Could you forgive your partner who has been unfaithful to you?

To forgive or not to forgive is one of the important issues in a relationship whether with your spouse, partner, sibling, family or friend. Forgiveness is such a big word that the meaning is hard to delve into. Forgiveness could change life in many ways. This is why people must know how to forgive no matter what those mistakes were.

If you love a person; you can always forgive that person; forgiveness includes affairs that usually happen in relationships. Affairs are a forgivable sin for as long as it does not become a bad habit that cannot be corrected.

The worst thing that happens to a relationship is when one of the partners has an affair. People look at affairs differently. One of my friends considers an affair a bomb that she cannot take lightly. She is frank in telling me that once she finds out that her husband is having an affair, the marriage would be good as over. My other friend says, her husband can have affairs with anyone he wishes for as long as her husband goes home to her at night and she has the pay check.

It is very easy to say things and to judge people if you haven’t experienced it but if you have experienced the bad part of a relationship you will be caught in a situation where you cannot decide what to do.

Betrayal is like a dagger stuck in your heart. It is the most painful incident that could ruin you if you don’t know what to do. There is always a space to move on if you learn to accept that affairs are part of a relationship especially in this modern age. Forgiveness is the only means by which you could get back your love one and you could both move on.

Betrayal doesn't necessarily mean love is no longer there. Betrayal happens because of factors that are missing in a relationship. People especially men tend to go astray because they want something missing in the relationship but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the man doesn’t love you anymore. There are several instances where men have affairs but finally go back to their wife when they are finally enlightened and had learned a good lesson from the illicit affair.

I know someone whose husband betrayed her several times and she had forgiven him countless times. She reasons out that she loves her husband and could not live without him. But then again there are limits to everything and forgiveness could also end. The woman soon got tired forgiving his philandering husband and left the man for good. She was finally free from his incorrigible husband and is now living happily with her three children. The act of forgiving also depends on how often the affairs were done; because if it is already a habit then that is another issue at hand. Perhaps you can forgive your partner but the question is; will the relationship be the same as before?

There is always a place for forgiveness even if it is sometimes hard to forgive unfaithfulness. We are but human and God expects us to forgive others just as he forgave those who sinned against him. Let forgiveness be part of your life. It is only when you learn to forgive that you can have peace in your heart and enjoy your life fully.

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Comments (3)

Before I got married, I tried to work it out with someone who cheated on me... I could never get over it, though. Every time I looked at him I was reminded of it. So for me - an affair is a deal-breaker. No second chances on that one.

If he OR she for that matter strays, it's for a reason. I tend to see it beyond just the forgiveness meter, and look deeper into why. If someone is looking for greener grass on the other side, let them, and then move on to the person who is waiting in your future to show you that you are the only one in their line of sight. Couples either have it or they don't. Lack of intimacy, sex and maturity, along with a lure of opportunity and temptation are red flags. And if they get away with it, they'll do it again. If they know what's at stake, they may think twice. Forgiveness in this situation can create a whole host of secondary problems that lead to deeper hurt due to a lack of respect on both sides.

I will also add, that if someone strays, the action alone is a message that their mate or partner just isn't valuable enough to stay faithful to. In that case, the cold truth is that their cheating partner proves they are replaceable.